plt version 16Feb17

Copyright © 2017, Paul Mennen
Matlab users may be interested in this toolbox for its focus in one or more of these three areas:
  1. A plotting interface. An alternative to Matlab's plot and plotyy routines

  2. A GUI building framework. An alternative to Matlab's guide

  3. Signal Processing. Fourteen of the example programs, in addition to their role in demonstrating various plt features, were also designed to have an educational value in the signal processing field:

       ▪ bounce.m  (random walks)
       ▪ curves.m  (classic plane curves)
       ▪ dice.m    (Monte Carlo simulation)
       ▪ editz.m   (z-plane analysis)
       ▪ gauss.m   (summation of random variables)
       ▪ gui2.m    (classical analog filters)
       ▪ julia.m   (Mandelbrot & Julia set fractals)
       ▪ pltquiv.m (Hermite polynomial interpolation)
       ▪ pltmap.m  (2-dimensional cubic interpolation)
       ▪ square.m  (synthesis of harmonic functions)
       ▪ tas.m     (aircraft performance modeling)
       ▪ weight.m  (classic sound level weighting curves)
       ▪ wfall.m   (clipping distortion effects)
       ▪ winplt.m  (fft windowing)

This toolbox has been extensively tested and verified to run under all Matlab releases from 12.1 (ver 6.1) to R2016a under Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. Brief testing has also been done under the Mac and other Unix based platforms.

I hope using plt enhances your Matlab experience.
I'm interested in hearing about your problems and suggestions.
You can reach me at