My Israeli Dance page

I have been Israeli dancing in Sunnyvale (at Loui Tucker's Monday night Israeli Dance) since the
beginning of 2018 and I have been collecting videos of some of the circle dances and virtually all
the couples dances that Loui has played since I have been dancing there.

Since the beginning of 2019 I have also been dancing in Palo Alto (at Israeli Dancing With Karina).
Her repertoire mostly overlaps but perhaps is somewhat wider than Loui's and I've started to
add some of dances Karina plays to my collection as well.

You may download any of these videos here.
It will ask you to enter a user name and a password before allowing you to download any files.
You can request a password by asking me for one via email (

Go to the CoupleDances and the CircleDances folders to see the individual music and video files for each dance.
To download any file, click on it to highlight it and then click on the download icon in the menu bar.
If you click on the download icon when more than one file is selected, a zip archive will be created containing all the selected files.

If the video is a teaching video (generally with no music), I have appended a "(T)" to the end of the file name.
If it's a dance video, I have appended a "(D)" to the end of the file name.
If I have more than one video of the same dance, a digit (i.e. 2,3,4) is appeneded to the end of the file name.

Below is a list of the couple dances I have learned so far (which is a subset of the dances included in my collection).
The last column is a translation of the Hebrew song title into English mostly by using google translate and a little poetic license: