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Job related skills

35 years of experience in the development of state-of-the-art hardware and software digital signal processing systems with an orientation toward analytical work and system design. Cofounded three successful start-up businesses yielding experience in management, marketing, advertising, personnel, purchasing, manufacturing and test.

Signal processing

Industrial technology

Expert in these measurement technologies and industrial areas:

Writing and presentation skills

Hardware design

Software design

Employment history

Independent Consultant (Mar-08 to Present)

Global Locate, Inc. (now owned by Broadcom), San Jose CA, Senior Systems Engineer (Sep-05 to Mar-08)

Stanford Research Systems, Sunnyvale CA, Senior Engineer (Feb-04 to Aug-05)

Contributed to many aspects of the design of an instrument for the analysis of consumer and professional audio equipment. Main tasks include:

Mennen Avionics, Sunnyvale CA, Founder (Mar-03 to Jan-04)

Designed an innovative instrument for the general aviation market that combines the functions of an air data computer, flight data recorder, GPS data analysis/compression/recording, navigation assistant, and a fuel totalizer. Additional tasks included: For more detailed information on this product, see

Sigknowledge, Sunnyvale CA, Consultant (Nov-99 to Feb-03)

Consulted for a wide range of clients in the fields of DSP, and signal analysis. Major clients included:

DSP Technology, Fremont CA, Principal Engineer (Jun-94 to Sep-99)

Applion, Saratoga CA, Cofounder (Jan-93 to May-94)

With two cofounders, designed a portable, battery operated dynamic signal analyzer tailored to the control system design market. The transition from initial concept to final electronic, mechanical, and software design was completed in only one year. By the time Applion was acquired by DSP Technology in June of 1994 we had completed the first production run, published promotional materials and begun a sales operation.

Tektronix, Campbell CA,
Principal Engineer (Nov-87 to Mar-91),
Engineering Manager (Mar-91 to Dec-92)

SIGnology, Campbell CA, Cofounder (Jan-84 to Nov-87)

Pioneered a new approach in Fourier Analyzers based on personal computers, later copied by the market leaders. SIGnology was fully acquired by Tektronix in November of 1987. My tasks included:

Decmation, Santa Clara CA, Cofounder (Oct-82 to Dec-83)

Successful product development, marketing, and manufacturing of a microprocessor development system based on DEC minicomputers (PDP-11 and LSI-11). Decmation is still selling microprocessor development systems today, and continues to be a growing healthy business.

KLA Instruments, Santa Clara CA, Consultant (Oct-81 to Dec-82)

Developed algorithms to improve the defect detector sensitivity for an automatic photomask inspection station. Simulated the proposed algorithms in software. Designed and debugged the required special-purpose image processing hardware.

GenRad, Santa Clara, CA, Senior Development Engineer (Sep-75 to Sep-81)

Product development of hardware/software systems used for modal analysis, vibration control, acoustics, and general signal analysis. Defined and coded the real-time file I/O package for GenRad's proprietary interpretive language. Designed the control processor and the high speed FFT card for a portable single channel FFT analyzer. Designed the CRT display controller / vector generator, the Unibus and Q-bus interface controller, fast multiply-accumulator sections, and the bit-slice microcode for GenRad's minicomputer based system.

Sierra Research, Buffalo NY, Engineer (Jul-74 to Sep-75)

Hardware and software design of systems for air collision avoidance, air delivery, and vehicle monitoring, including algorithm design, simulations, debugging, and flight testing.




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