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Math Inspired Tutoring provides one-on-one
tutoring specializing in math and science for
middle school, high school and college level students.

I welcome students of all levels and abilities who have a desire to improve. Typically I work with each student from one to two hours per week in my office using materials that I provide as well as materials from the student's school. Periodic progress reports are sent to both the parents and students. Students also take home all the work we do during the sessions so they can review anything forgotten and allowing parents to see what material is being covered.

I see the greatest interest in math tutoring since these problems are quite common:

I also see many students who need help for the first time when they reach the advanced placement level in physics or chemistry. Often at first students find it difficult to adjust to the higher expected level of understanding required in the AP courses and also some of the high school teachers are not up to this task. Whatever the problem, I have the knowledge, experience, and patience needed to help students gain confidence as they learn to better understand and enjoy their subject.

There is no charge for the first one-hour session, to give you a chance to get to know me and determine if my teaching style is a good match for you. Email me using the contact information below. If you don't get a response quickly, give me a call at 408-737-8192.
Paul Mennen's Biography:
I graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a BSEE and earned a Masters degree from Stanford in Electrical Engineering with a minor in statistics. In my three decades as an engineer I specialized in Fourier analysis and global positioning systems, both highly mathematical specialties. If you want to know even more about me, visit my website -

Teaching experience:
Even before starting Math Inspired Tutoring 10 years ago, I have always mixed teaching with whatever else I was doing. I first recognized my talent for teaching when my four siblings (including an older sister) would request my help, especially in math. This trend continued into college where my classmates would line up outside my door for help with just about any subject. I also tutored my own children including some home schooling (several years of math and one year of physics). I am a past director of the Stanford Math Circle, and have logged about 300 hours as a flight instructor including both primary and instrument training.