Celestron Ultima 8 Telescope

This is one of the best Schmidt Cassegrain telescopes ever built.
Read what Uncle Rod writes about this model by going to Uncle Rod's Blog.
Then click on "Uncle Rods' Used STC Guide".
(Rod Mollise is an authority figure when it comes to the SCT.)

Included accessories: If you come to look at my telescope, prepare to be impressed.
It's unlikely you will ever find an Ultima 8 in better condition.
This telescope has rarely left my house or back yard and has been treated with utmost care.
Looks pretty much like the day it left the factory.
You will be amazed at the optical quality and tracking accuracy.

The internal rechargeable batteries were getting a bit weak, so I just replaced the
batteries with a fresh set that I purchased a few weeks ago (see receipt).
When away from an AC source, the batteries can run the telescope for about 8 hours.

To see the pictures, click on any of the items below:

Assembled 1 Assembled 2 Assembled 3
Mirror Eye piece Tripod Mount
Case 1 Case 2 Case opened 1 Case opened 2 Case opened 3
Spotter 1 Spotter 2 Hand controller Night Flashlight Charger
Lens box Lenses Filters (stacked) Filters
Plossl 30mm Ultima 12.5mm Ultima 18mm Ultima Barlow